Thursday, 29 November 2007

Discovery Centre Opens in Winchester!!!

On Tuesday 27th November 2007 the Winchester Discovery Centre opened officially to the public. We have been working on a huge piece of artwork for all 4 walls of the top level of this newly, beautifully refurbished local building! The design incorporated quotes from books, films, music and many more sources and invloved months of hard work by the Peagreen team. We also designed some one-off fabric for a sofa in the kids area....there will be more treats to come in the kids library including a special clock! check it out!


Paul Vogel said...

We love your library. It looks amazing. Love the Bohemian Rhapsody bit!!! xxxxxx
Annah say's "you is the Chisle!!!!

PVD xxxxxxx

Alex Hornsby said...

this is MEGA!!!

alex x

Rachel said...

Hello we really like the discpovery centre and your posters we are very proud to have one hanging on our NZ wall. I loved your penguins, we saw a real yellow eyed penguin on the beach in the South Island on our holiday.

Happy new year... fancy a trip to NZ? You will be gald to know Megs is doing Art next year.


Kat said...

Loving your work!

I was hoping that I could get my grubby paws on some of the yummy fabric in the kids section....very sad to see the words 'one off'....

Ah well, I'll have to hang out at the Library more often.

Kat x