Thursday, 12 January 2012

The Peagreen Bookshelf....YEAH!

5 books that we love....not necessarily our favourites but definitely up there!

Panorama - Fani Marceau & Joelle Jolivet
Fantastic contrasting illustrations in an amazing fold out book, we have all Joelle Jolivet's books...we love how the depth and detail.

Charley Harper by Todd Oldham
Way too big for the bookshelf but a classic with us nonetheless! His drawings are endlessly inspiring in their clean graphic style....It's a two man job to read this...

British Reptiles & Amphibia - King Penguin Books
it's all about the geo cover!
gotta know what's out there!

Yo Leo (I Read) - Puno
Picked this up a few years ago in New York....Love the colors and fun characters!

Japanese Old Boombox Design Catalog
Bought this in a fantastic bookshop in Santa Monica last year! I wish i had all of them!

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