Sunday, 17 April 2011

Mervyn Peake

We were in Chichester on Friday visiting the Pallant House Gallery to see the Robin and Lucienne Day retrospective. As luck would have it they are also showing a collection of illustrations by Mervyn Peake. Originally brought together for the major exhibition in Switzerland last year at Maison d'Ailleurs it includesTreasure Island, Grimm's Household Tales, Captain Slaughterboard, Rhymes without Reason and six detailed charater studies of characters from Gormenghast.

We were absolutely blown away by the detail in the illustrations. He was truly a master of pen and ink.

These photos really don't do them justice. If you can, I recommend popping along to Chichester to them in the flesh ....... amazing!

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Faye said...

Oooh, how wonderful! Thankyou for sharing x